Tintoreria is an initiative of Maria Romero Studio to reduce mass comsuption.

We believe things must change, design is not just about creating new objects anymore.  Today, design is the tool to create new ways of living.

We created Tintoreria to change, to serve to the community, to educate consumers, to respect and to be responsible.

We partnered with local restaurants and community gardens in Brooklyn to collect and reuse their food and plant waste.

At Tintoreria we will use this waste to turn your old clothes into a new shade so you can give a second chance to your garments. 



Maria Romero

Creative Director & Founder

José Morán

Artisan weaver & dyer


José and I met on a Friday afternoon on a NYC subway platform, when I was on my way back to my studio. It was one of those days when nothing seemed to work.

I saw him from afar, he was mounting his loom and I couldn't believe how lucky I was at that moment. I approached him, he was excited by my excitement to meet him.  At that moment, I forgot how much I hate the NYC subways, I could only see José's hands moving along with his feet while he wove me a bracelet. We talked for a long time, and today... WE ARE TINTORERIA.  

A project from locals to locals.

Because community is important.

Because we can change the world.

Because we can't waste.

Because of you.

Because of us.

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